Monday, March 3, 2014

Notes From The Mayor's Desk: March 2014

There is a very important public meeting coming up Tuesday, March 11th, 7:00 PM, at the Sundre Legion, where Government of Alberta representatives will be in our community to hear questions and provide answers to residents regarding follow up plans after the 2013 Floods.  Local Councils and administrations will also be present.  Please come to this meeting to hear about progress to date. Please bring your questions, concerns and ideas about how we can all protect people, property and the environment.  This is your chance to have your voice heard.  

There is a plan.  Local concerns and questions have been taken to Provincial Government Officials, both at the Minister and Administrative levels.  The Town of Sundre and Mountain View County have been meeting with those same Officials and Ministers.  Both Councils have commissioned separate engineering studies to "do the science" of learning from studying past river flow patterns and predicting possible future river flow patterns using advanced scientific technology.  Sundre and Mountain View County have submitted requests to the Province for projects to help prevent predictable disaster from high water events in the future.  The Government of Alberta has also been studying the science of the entire Red Deer River Watershed.

There is a short-term plan to deal with what happened in 2005 and 2013, and there are some long-range ideas for reviewing the entire Red Deer River Watershed into the future.  This is a community meeting because all of us are concerned about our river.  Please come to the meeting to become better informed about what the issues are, what some of the ideas might be to deal with those issues, and bring your ideas and questions as well.

Flood Preparedness Information Session
Tuesday, March 11th
7:00 PM
Sundre Royal Canadian Legion

If you would like more information to better prepare for this public meeting please contact me at home, 403-638-3535. This is your opportunity to find out what is happening with plans for keeping us all safer in the future.

Check out the Province’s Flood Mitigation website: or if you are interested in what happened in Sundre during the 2013 Flood Event, please go to

We hope to see you there.

Mayor Terry Leslie

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