Friday, April 4, 2014

Notes From The Mayor's Desk: April, 2014

What is a Strategic Priorities Chart?

It is a planning document and a business plan that turns into a report card.  In the attached photo, you will see the 2014 Strategic Priorities Chart that was developed by Town Council and Staff in February.  When we speak of wanting government to be more like business, this is the Town business plan for this year.  The goal is to have this document act as a report card to you at the end of the year where we report to you about what has been accomplished with your tax dollars.

There are three sections to this chart.  The "Corporate Priorities" section is the direction Council sets.  There are target dates to accomplish those priorities.  The "Advocacy" section indicates items where Council will work with others who have the responsibility to deal with issues in our community.  The "Operational Strategies" section is where the real work gets done.  Each Town department sets goals, timelines, and individual staff members who take the lead - and responsibility, for accomplishing each listed task. Council has set priorities and administration carries out those priorities with the operational strategies.

There will be emerging issues throughout the year that we haven't planned for.  The report card part of this document will be the quarterly review of what has been accomplished and what new, unplanned "stuff" had to be taken care of.  We expect to monitor these goals and keep an ongoing list of accomplishments so we can report to you on our progress.  We want to have everything checked off by January 2015 - and then we will make another plan.

It is important to note that these goals fit within the framework of all our long term plans like the 20 year Municipal Development Plan and the 10 year Recreation Master Plan.  Even though it seems like we are making plans from year to year, we must always be setting yearly goals to meet our long-term plan - just like in business.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss any of these items, please call me at home at 403-638-3535, or chat with any of us on Council.

Mayor Terry Leslie

Town of Sundre:  2014 Strategic Priorities Chart

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